A complete profile is the best way to show off your brand to all retailers inside Hubventory.

Here are descriptions of the fields and the information required to create a perfect profile!

1. Logo: A symbol or a design adopted by a Brand to identify its products.
2. Cover Image: This may consist of your best styles or trending pieces. Every time the seasons change, once every two weeks, or however frequently is practical or appropriate for your Brand, we advise upgrading your cover image.
3. Based In: This is where the Brand is currently located and is doing business.
4. Founded: This shows the year when the Brand started its business.
5. Minimum: An amount to indicate the minimum order a retailer has to reach to be able to purchase.
6. Facebook/Instagram: Hubventory wants your buyer to follow you on social and be up-to-date with you.
7. Phone Number: Aside from the messaging menu inside Hubventory, calling for an inquiry or an order might happen.
8. Values: What does your Brand stand for? Believes in?
9. Brand Description: A brand description creates and shapes a brand in a retailer's mind, giving meaning to the Brand, company, products, or services.