Yes! We believe that omnichannel is the future of wholesale. The relationships and trust built at trade shows are irreplaceable online, so if you exhibit at trade shows, please add the dates, show name, and booth numbers to your profile so that retailers can quickly add you to their "must-see" list and meet you in person! We'll be there to help buyers find brands they'll love and to meet you in person!

You can also include details on the "Hub Special" if you have a special offer or promotion that is only available to Boutique Hub members and only at the tradeshow.

What will I do if I want to join a tradeshow?

To notify your buyers that you will be attending a tradeshow, fill out the form in our Tradeshow section. Here's how it's done:

1. Look for Tradeshow on your dashboard.

2. Select a tradeshow to attend and click on it.

3. Enter your information and then click "Save."

4. You can check your profile in the upper right corner to see if the details are in.

What if there is a tradeshow that is not listed on Hubventory Calendar?

You can contact us via email or chat about a specific tradeshow, and we will confirm it with our Account Executives if it is on the list of tradeshows that our team is about to add to the website.

What do you mean by Location in Tradeshow?

It is your showroom or booth number.

What is Hub Special? 

It is a limited-time offer available only to Boutique Hub members and only during tradeshows.