Having a complete profile is the best way to showcase your brand to retailers on Hubventory. Below are descriptions of the fields and the required information to create a perfect profile!

  • Logo: A brand's symbol or design used to identify its products.
  • Cover Image: It can showcase your top styles or popular pieces. We recommend updating your cover image regularly, such as when seasons change or every two weeks, to keep your brand fresh.

  • Values: What your Brand stands for and believes in.
  • Aesthetics: How a product looks and feels, creating the initial impression. Visual appeal is crucial, and other factors can also impact a user's opinion of a product.
  • Brand Description: Shapes and defines the Brand, giving meaning to the company, products, or services.

  • Based In: The current location where the Brand operates.
  • Founded: The year when the Brand started its business.
  • Minimum: The required order amount for retailers to make a purchase.
  • Facebook/Instagram: Hubventory encourages buyers to follow you on social media for updates.
  • Phone Number: Apart from messaging through Hubventory, customers may also call for inquiries or to place an order.

  • Member Badge: Indicates that the brand is a legitimate member of The Boutique Hub.
  • Share Link Button: Provides custom links for brands to share on their social media accounts.
  • Message Button: Enables retailers to send you a message after visiting your live profile.
  • Follow Button: Allows retailers to directly follow your account for updates on new uploads.
  • Trade show section: Displays the brand's upcoming events, including dates and locations, for retailers to view. For more information, check the Tradeshows knowledge base. 

  • Products Section: Shows all available products.
  • Search filter: A feature that helps users narrow down search results by selecting specific criteria like keywords, categories, date range, location, and price range. It improves search accuracy, saves time, and allows users to find the most relevant information or items quickly.
  • Brand Featured Collection Album: This is where brands can showcase specific products on their profile by adding them to the Brand Featured Collection. Sorting your products is simple by updating this collection. Just add the products you want to feature and arrange them in the desired order. The sorting of your products will match the sorting of your collection. It's recommended to only sort the first few pages of products, as default sorting based on popularity and featured status applies to the rest of the products.

At the bottom part of your live profile page are the following: