Welcome to Hubventory! To get started and access your profile, link your Boutique Hub account to your Hubventory account. 


Here is the list of required assets for your account to be activated: 


Required Assets (Assets that are mandatory)

  • Logo (Min. 325 x 325px, Max. 800 x 800px) 

  • Cover Image (Min. 1360 x 300, Max. 2720 x 600px): 

  • Company Information (Based In, Brand Description, Brand Values, Founded) 

  • Uploaded style/s (1 product is acceptable)

  • Stripe Account (click this link to connect your stripe: https://hubventory.com/settings/integrations


Here is the link to Hubventory's photo guidelines. Great photo uploads are key to getting noticed, so upload your best images! (https://hubventory.com/photo-guidelines)


Recommended but not required (Optional)

  • Socials (Facebook and Instagram) (This will also be very helpful if you add your Social Media accounts for you to be discovered and get followers)

  • Size Chart


A complete profile is the best way to show off your brand to all retailers inside Hubventory.

Here are descriptions of the fields and the information required to create a perfect profile!

Required Assets:

Logo: A symbol or a design adopted by a Brand to identify its products.

Cover Image: This may consist of your best styles or trending pieces. Every time the seasons change, once every two weeks, or however frequently is practical or appropriate for your Brand, we advise upgrading your cover image.

Based In: This is where the Brand is currently located and is doing business.

Brand Description: A brand description creates and shapes a brand in a retailer's mind, giving meaning to the Brand, company, products, or services.

Brand Values: What does your Brand stand for? Believes in?

Founded: This shows the year when the Brand started its business.

Recommended Assets but not required: 

Facebook/Instagram: Hubventory wants your buyer to follow you on social and be up-to-date with you.

Size Chart: If the same size chart applies to all products, upload the size chart inside Edit Profile. However, it is advisable to upload the specific size chart inside the product images if it varies depending on the product.

Here are three (3) options on how to upload your products. Click the word link to be routed and to learn more on about how to perform the following: 

Hubventory offers three (3) options to upload your products. 

  1. Manually add each product. 

  2. Shopify Integration (link)

  3. Uploading in bulk by using the official Hubventory template (link). Always download the latest Hubventory CSV template (link).

We also have prepared videos to give you a walkthrough of exactly what you need so you can upload your Products and go live in Hubventory using your exported files from the following platforms or your very own file.

• Faire 

• Shopify 

• Non-Shopify

If you need assistance uploading your products, we also offer a one-time, free-of-charge service for new Brands to upload your products for you. Send us an email at support@hubventory.com or chat with us by clicking on the chat icon at the lower right part of your Hubventory page.