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This error occurs when the card used by the buyer doesn’t have enough balance to cover the cost, or if the brand itself needs to enable its Stripe Connect payment. To determine the exact error, please reach out to our support team for assistance by sending an email to, or you may reach out to one of the live persons through our chat system during business hours, Mondays through Fridays from 7 AM to 4 PM CST.

Not enough balance on the buyer's card

Circumstances come in no time. Buyers may have run-out their card balance before the brand can process the payment for their orders. It’s a must for a brand to hold the orders until the payment is accepted or processed. Brands may send a direct message to the buyers to let them update their cards and retry the payment on the buyer's end, or the brand may reach out to one of our Hubventory support agents via live chat or email.

Brand needs to enable Stripe Connect payment

If a brand sends a message to the buyer, and the buyer confirms that they already updated their card and retried the payment on their end, yet the error is still occurring, the brand needs to activate their payment method inside their Stripe account. To do so, the brand has to click on this link and activate it in their payment method settings.

Brand has two Stripe accounts

Also, some brands may have 2 Stripe accounts, and they have connected the one that isn’t complete or restricted. Brands may let us know if that happens, so we can let our developers check which Stripe account should be connected, and with their permission, we can switch the Stripe accounts so the brand can complete processing their orders.