Friendly Reminder:

Orders MUST BE PROCESSED WITHIN HUBVENTORY ONLY, and not on other platforms.

In the event of a PAYMENT FAILURE, please refrain from shipping the orders. Only proceed with shipping once the payment has been successfully processed.

NoteWhen the retailer checks out immediate orders (orders shipping out within seven days), a pre-authorization will take place. For immediate orders, we place a hold on 110% of the order total to cover shipping costs. If shipping costs are greater than 10%, we charge 100% of the order subtotal in one charge and shipping as a second charge.

For example, let's consider an order with a total of $181.03. In this case, we initially placed a hold for $181.03 + $18.10, resulting in a hold amount of $199.13. However, when the order was shipped, we adjusted the charge to match the original total of $181.03. Additionally, we made a separate second charge of $26.00 to cover the shipping costs.

**$181.03 = $190.56 (total for 2 items) 

**$18.10 = 10% of $190.56


Once an order is placed, you will get an order notification via email & on your Hubventory dashboard.

Accept the Order

Can you fulfill this order? Hit "Accept Order" to start processing. You need to 'accept' the order to let the retailer know that you will be able to fulfill it. Please note that you have 7 days from the time the order is placed to officially accept it. If you cannot accept the order within 7 days, this will be canceled automatically by our system. By accepting the order quickly, the retailer is confident that the order will ship within your promised turnaround time window. Also, once you have accepted the order, the retailer is no longer able to cancel it until it reaches the cancellation date.

Print Pack List

Click the button to get a printout of all the items you ordered so you can quickly pack your package.

Ship all of the products ordered, or check the box beside the products that are ready to be shipped. For those products that cannot be shipped, mark them as unfulfillable. Note that they won’t be processed permanently, you may advise the buyer through the messaging menu on when it will be available for them to place the order by then.

Shipping Fee and Charging the Card

Check all products to be shipped, and then a pop-up box will appear where you can enter the shipping fee, and an updated amount will be displayed. Once the total amount is correct, click the collect button to charge the customer. A confirmation message will appear to indicate that the payment was successful. Remember, do not ship any products until you have seen that payment has been confirmed.

Add tracking number

Click the Add Tracking Number button, and a pop-up window will show. Place the tracking number and the carrier there. In this way, the buyer will know in real-time the whereabouts of the order.

A tip for building relationships with retailers is to reach out to them after the order arrives. Use the Hubventory messenger feature to thank them for their order and ensure that they are happy with their products.

If you have any questions about the order process on Hubventory, please reach out to our support team via the "chat feature" on the site or email support@hubventory.comYou can also check out this link for the video tutorial.