For retailers that are also Boutique Hub members, we want to make sure that you are saving every time you shop. We have added additional features where you will have the opportunity to know your savings, and we also want you to plan a budget. Retailers can use this "open to buy" and "budget" feature to track your spending as you go along with your upcoming delivery calendar so you can manage your purchased orders smarter. Save money the next time you shop on Hubventory by joining The Boutique Hub here:

Additional features below are available to The Boutique Hub members.

  1. Investment Calculator or also called as Return Of Investment (ROI)

The return on investment calculator will show up under Products. This will allow boutiques to quickly calculate how much return on investment they can expect using the “rule of thirds”.

For more information about the ROI calculator, we made a short video for you:

  1. Budgets feature for boutiques.

Retailers are now able to go to “Budget Planning” in the buyer dashboard and plan simple budgets.

Retailers can select categories that Hubventory will track for them when they make purchases. If a retailer has a budget for the category Men's > Tops, for instance, and they purchase an item that’s in that category, it will show the amount purchased in the month that the product will be delivered.

You can also view budgets relating to the category in which you are shopping under the products to help with planning.

For more information about the Hubventory Budget tool, we made a short video for you:

  1. What is a Delivery Calendar?

This is where you can see your monthly spending total, the top brands you purchased from, and the top product categories.

The dates when you received your orders from the top brands are also displayed on the "Delivery Calendar" tab.