How to turn-on Shopify's track Inventory

In our fast-paced world, neglecting inventory updates can harm sales credibility and disappoint customers when expected orders are unavailable. To prevent this, we encourage brands to utilize platform resources for smooth inventory management. Enable the "track inventory" feature to automatically disable items when stock is insufficient for buyer needs. For instance, if the open pack's inventory is 5 and the buyer wants 6, the system prevents the transaction. Many brands are successfully syncing Shopify and Hubventory to avoid order cancellations due to low on-hand inventory.

Previously, some brands experienced issues where their orders from Hubventory did not sync with their Shopify account. Our developers identified that this occurred due to insufficient inventory in the brand’s Shopify account. To address this, our development team modified the rule governing order generation from Shopify, resolving the problem. Despite the Shopify inventory count, we continue to create orders, resulting in a reduction of Shopify inventory counts.

To lessen the ripple effect, we've devised a solution to monitor your inventory directly from Shopify.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how brands can activate the inventory tracking feature in Shopify:

  • Log into your Shopify account and navigate to the "Products" section.

  • While editing a product, ensure to mark the option "Track Inventory" before saving.

  • Optionally, you can choose whether or not to enable "Continue selling when out of stock." Enabling this allows for pre-orders of the item. However, it's crucial to set clear expectations for pre-orders so that buyers are informed about the expected delivery timeline.

For visual reference, please refer to the screenshot below.

This approach ensures that your inventory is accurately tracked, and you have the flexibility to manage pre-orders based on your business strategy.

Turning on "Track Inventory" In Bulk

If you have multiple products that require this feature, you can efficiently make changes in bulk. Here's how:

1. Open the Hubventory Shopify app, and you'll find a green button in the "Product publishing status" section.

2. Clicking this button will launch Shopify's product bulk editor, with the "Continue selling when out of stock" column already integrated.

Note: The above screenshot is from a test account. In your actual account, you'll see a list of Hubventory items. You can either select all the boxes under the highlighted column or choose specific items that require the feature to be applied.