What is Hubventory TOP BRAND program? 

Top Brand celebrates the brands on Hubventory who are committed to creating an amazing buying experience for you across all channels. 

Brands who’ve earned Top Brand status will receive an exclusive Top Brand badge on their profile page and products throughout Hubventory. You can easily identify these brands and shop with confidence knowing that they are an HV Top Brand. 

How do brands qualify to become an HV Top Brand?

Brands can take specific actions during each calendar quarter to unlock the Top Brand status. 

To qualify as a Top Brand, a brand must meet the following criteria:

  • Has a 4 Star + Rating
  • Frequently Uploads New Products
  • Has Best Selling Products
  • Fulfills Orders Quickly
  • Offers Hub Member Discounts
  • Stays Active in Community Groups

How can a Boutique help a Brands become a Top Brand?

  • Give your favorite brands a high rating when you order. 
  • Write reviews for other retailers to see. 
  • Place repeat orders with  favorite brands.   

Look for the Top Brand badge and ribbon when shopping!

Please note: Top Brand status is reviewed monthly and is subject to change.