Now, brands can easily update the Visibility, Category, Fit, and Season of their products without the need to export them. With just a few clicks on the Hubventory website, brands have complete control over changing the status of their products. Say goodbye to tedious manual updates and streamline your workflow with Hubventory's efficient bulk editing capabilities. Try it out today and experience the convenience firsthand!

Here's how you can update your product details:


If you want to update the visibility of your product, go to the "Bulk Actions" tab and choose "Edit." You can leave the "Category" tab blank. In the "Visibility" tab, you have the option to choose between All products, Publish, and Unpublish. 

  • We have prepared a short tutorial for you. Please click here.

In the second tab, you will find the "Visibility" option, where you can choose to Publish, set the product to draft, or schedule your product(s).

Next, select the product(s) you want to update. You can either select the box on the left side of the title to choose all products on the first page, or you can check the box(es) next to your desired product(s) only.

After selecting the products, you can click on the "Update Products" button. The system will automatically apply the changes.


If brands want to change the category of their product(s), they can now do it without exporting a file. Simply go to the "Bulk Actions" tab and choose "Edit." In the first Category box, enter the desired category you want to change. In the visibility box, you can choose from options such as All products, publish, and unpublish. Once you input the category and select the desired visibility for the product, the system will sort and display the products that fall under that category and status. (Please see attached picture below as an example) 

  • We have prepared a short tutorial for you. Please click here.

Next, in the second column, you will find the "Category" box. Here, you can search for or type in your desired category to apply it to your existing product(s).

In addition, you can also update or add the following variants: Fit and Season.

Once you have finished setting up the details, you can select the product(s) you need to update and click the "Update Product(s)" button. 

Please be advised that when updating the product SKUs, colors, sizes, option values, and product titles, you will need to export the product and delete the uploaded product to avoid duplication.

Export and Download

You now have the option to easily choose the product you want to update without exporting all the uploaded products. 

Here's how:

  • Go to the "Products" tab.

  • In the "Bulk Actions" box, choose "Export".

  • You can either select "Select all", "Select this page", or search for the specific product using the search bar.

  • After selecting your desired products then click “Export”

Once done exporting scroll down at the bottom part of the website and click “Download”

  • We have prepared a short tutorial for you. Please click here.