We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest update, which brings immense benefits to both brands and boutiques alike. Now, brands can showcase their related products, providing an enhanced shopping experience for customers. But that's not all - boutiques will now find it incredibly convenient to explore similar products without having to navigate back to the main page of the brand!

Brands Overview

This method is commonly used to gather all similar products with different sizes, such as regular and plus sizes, complementary sets like tops and bottoms, or any other products you'd like to link together. It functions similarly to variant options but provides more comprehensive details as product photos are visible. This will also provide buyers with an option to place an order with ease. They'll simply need to hover over the similar product below and click the "Add to Cart" button to add an item to their cart.

Here are the steps on how to attach/connect all related products. 

1. From your dashboard, go to Profile > All Profile and select the specific product you want to connect/attach.

2. Once you're inside the Edit Product page, scroll down and locate the Related Products section. Here, you can copy the general product name mentioned above and paste it into the Related Products field to display its result.


3. Below that, you can choose one or more products that you want to show as related to the selected product. After selecting the products you wish to add, click anywhere on the page and then click "Save Changes." If needed, you can also remove related products at any time by clicking the "x" icon, as shown in the second screenshot.

After following these steps, your products will be attached in a similar manner. For a comprehensive guide, you can also watch this video. Attaching/ Connecting 2 or more products.


Boutique’s Overview

Here's some good news about our new feature, "Related Products." Not only does it benefit the brand by showcasing related products, but it also provides boutiques with added convenience. They can now check similar products without having to navigate back to the main brand page; instead, they can find related products directly set by the brands. These related products are displayed below the product description.

This feature is especially useful for brands that offer a range of products, such as regular and plus-size items. When browsing brands with related products, you can easily click or hover over each item to add them to your selection. For a more detailed overview, you can watch the video on this link. Related Products Boutique Overview