CommentSold offers a ‘verified live seller’ badge for all Hubventory brands.

CommentSold offers retailers a complete live sales solution. From onboarding and strategy, superior go-live technology, and live selling best practices to backend solutions for inventory, invoicing, and fulfillment.

The badge is available to brands that have a reputation for success with live selling and live boxes, as well as understanding how to generate a CommentSold CSV file for their retail partners.

CommentSold Badge:

To be considered for the ‘CommentSold verified live seller badge’ follow these steps: 
1. Apply here: CommentSold Link for Verified Seller Badge
2. In addition to the badge, you'll get a sandbox that makes it easy to create CSVs, as well as support to help your shops as needed, and a revenue-sharing option.

All brands with a CommentSold verified live seller badge will be included in exclusive, curated boards and be eligible for social media features.

Watch this
 video to learn more about the CommentSold+Hubventory partnership.