Hubventory orders can flow easily to the FAVES app through the FAVES+Hubventory integration. This integration helps buyers make smart inventory decisions! 

Import your orders from Hubventory. FAVES Pro makes it easy to upload and track all your purchases in one place.

To use this integration: 
1. Install the Faves Chrome extension. 
(Click here)

2. Make your purchase on HV.
3. On the Buyers Order page, you can upload your orders to FAVES. 

4. What’s uploaded to FAVES:  Pictures, brand name, style number, wholesale price, quantity, color, size info, delivery month, order number, and order date.

FAVES Features:
-Organize your orders and avoid buying duplicate styles: Stay organized and simplify your buying process by saving time at the market. Snap photos to remember your orders.

-Keep track of your buying budget: Set budgets and track your spending effortlessly with FAVES Pro. Gain a comprehensive overview of your expenses by season, collection, category, and vendor. Easily print reports or export spreadsheets to make smarter buying decisions for your business.

-Upload directly to Shopify: Skip manual entry and seamlessly send products from the FAVES Pro app to Shopify. The products will appear as unpublished drafts in Shopify, complete with photos, pricing, and other information.

-Collaborate with your team: Boost your team's productivity with real-time collaboration. Keep your buyers aligned and provide the marketing and sales teams with the latest product purchase decisions, giving them a head start.

Click here to learn more about the FAVES +Hubventory partnership.