Color Mapping is the process of matching colors for products that have color variations. In order to optimize and improve your product search results, try matching your color names with the official colors on Hubventory. This can benefit both your brand and the buyer, as they search for a specific color, your product will appear among the options.

Let us show you how to map your colors with Hubventory.

Note: There is no need to map colors if you do not have color variations.

1. On your dashboard, go to Settings and click on the Colors tab.

On this tab, you will find the colors you added under “unmatched colors," while at the bottom, you will find those colors you’ve matched. 

2. Now, to map a color, simply click on the color entry you want to match, and a color palette will pop up for you to choose which color it belongs to.

Note: If the actual color (e.g., seafoam green) is not showing on the color palette, you may pick the one that’s nearest.