How do I edit my products in Hubventory? 

Here on Hubventory, we have two ways to update your product category: 

• Manually updating the product through the Hubventory website

• Bulk uploading using our CSV template

Here’s how you can manually update: 

1. Go to "All Products"

2. Search the name or SKU of the product

3. Click the product and go to "Details" section

4. Look for "Category" section

5. Lastly click "Save"

Here’s how to bulk edit:

Note: When you update your product category using our CSV template for bulk upload, the SKUs will be updated and not duplicated. To avoid image duplication, be sure to remove the image links before importing. 

1. Go to the “All Products” page on your dashboard, under the Products drop-down, and select the products you want to edit by checking the checkboxes next to them.                                                                                                                                                            

2. You should see an "Export" button at the bottom of the page after selecting your preferred products' checkboxes. After clicking on the export button, details will be visible below along with its export status. A download button will appear next to it when the file is ready for download. Otherwise, it will show as "pending." 

3. If you want to change a product's category, go to "column D" of the CSV file and start editing using Hubventory’s official categories found in Tab: Valid Option. Always download the updated Hubventory’s Official Template. That can be found in Products > Import from CSV, and look for "Download Official Template."

4. After editing, go back to the Hubventory website, go to Products > Import From CSV, and look for Upload New CSV. You’ll have a new space where you can upload your updated CSV file by dragging the file to the space or by clicking the space itself to manually upload the CSV file. Click on "upload CSV" once done.


5. Make sure to check the "Update Existing Variants and Products" checkbox on the following page.

6. Click the "Preview Import" link at the very bottom of the page.

7. Make sure that the values of New Variants and Skipped Variants are zero (0). Otherwise, there will be duplicate products after importing the updated CSV file. Once ready to go, click on "Looks Good, Start Import."