Zip Code Protection
To be unique and avoid selling the same products within an area, Hubventory added a feature where brands have the option to turn on “Zip code protection” mode.

How to turn on “Zip Code Protection” mode.
1. Go to "Settings."

2. Click the “Orders” tab.

3. Check the box next to “My brand ZIP code protects.”
4. Lastly, click “Save.”

Global Lead Time

Lead time can now be set “Globally” in a brand's profile and can be edited on your Settings page. Buyers will be notified of any shipment date changes and can choose to accept or decline any changes. 

Here are the steps to edit the lead time:
1. Go to “Settings.”
2. Click the “Orders” tab.
3. On the Lead Time tab, enter the number of days.

4. Save Changes. 

Note: Global lead time will take effect to those product variants that do not have lead time and Shipping At date.

Introducing Hubventory’s Order Minimum Setup

Hubventory added a special feature for brands when receiving orders. 

  • I use Dollar Minimums - Order should not be lower than the dollar amount minimum set.

  • I use Piece Minimums - Order should not be lower than the piece minimum set per product level.

  • I don’t use Minimums - If a brand doesn’t want to set any minimums.

How to set Order Minimums:
1. Go to “Settings.”
2. Click the “Orders” tab.
3. At the Order Minimums tab choose whether of the following:

  • I use dollar minimums

  • I use piece minimums

  • I don't use minimums

4. Lastly, click “Save.”
Note: Brands can only choose either dollar minimums or per piece minimums.

Pre Orders & Shipping at date/s

Once you have set an order as a pre-order, it means that it will be available at a later date so we recommend that under your Products Variant you indicate it in the "Shipping At" field.

Also, we know the lifecycle of this business and believe that using this platform to receive pre-season orders is important. We also host special events and seasonal promotions to further promote the launch of major seasonal collections in an attempt to drive even more traffic and excitement to your brand! 

Here’s how you can set “Shipping at date/s”

1. On your dashboard, go to "Products."

2. Choose All Products.

3. Select the specific product you want to edit.

4. Locate the Variants tab.

5. Under the Variants field on the right side of Lead Time, you can change the Shipping At date.

6. Save Changes. 

• If you set a global lead time and Shipping shipping date is set to 14 days or more, both dates will be visible on your live products. 

• If Shipping at date is below 14 days and global lead time is active, only global lead time will be visible. 

• When using per variant lead time, Shipping At. Same goes if the Shipping At has a value, per variant lead time will be disabled.