One benefit of integrating Shopify with Hubventory is the automatic creation of orders in Shopify whenever an order is placed in Hubventory. This feature synchronizes the inventory of both platforms and ensures that they stay up-to-date.

To activate this feature, simply check the box next to "Create Shopify orders from Hubventory orders" and select whether you want the order to be a Draft order or a Real order in Shopify.

Next, select which event should trigger the creation of orders. Keep in mind that the orders created in Shopify will depend on your selection, and the variations between each scenario are listed below.

Scenario: The order contains ten (10) products, but the brand only sent out 8.

A buyer places an order: Shopify will generate the same order as the one that was received.

I accept an order: When you change an order's status from Submitted to Accepted, a Shopify order will be created and will contain the same list of ordered items.

I create a shipment on an order: the Shopify order will contain the same assortment of goods as the shipment; eight out of ten products will be created on your Shopify order since the other 2 were marked unfulfilled.

Next is the function to “Update tracking numbers from Shopify." 

Hubventory allows you to link the tracking number from a Shopify order to the corresponding Hubventory order automatically. This feature is in addition to the automatic creation of orders, so when you update the Shopify order with the tracking number, the Hubventory order will be updated instantly as well.

Setting the retail price to the wholesale price.

The final but most useful feature is the ability to change your retail price to a wholesale price by entering your margin percentage. Remember that the margin will be applied to all Shopify products.

Here’s how:

  • Go to "Settings"

  • Click "Integrations" tab

  • In the Shopify tab, click "I use retail pricing on Shopify"

  • Enter your mark up percentage in the box

  • Lastly, "Save"

Example: Your markup is 50%. The following prices will be reduced by 50%.

Sample products:

  • Cropped hoodie retail price is $49 = $24.50

  • Baseball Cap retail price is $19 = $9.50

Order Process

Whenever a buyer checks out products from their cart, Hubventory automatically generates an order number for Shopify and synchronizes the relevant information in the Shopify channel.


During the completion of orders, the wholesale price set in Hubventory will not reflect in Shopify once the order process is complete. Shopify will completely ignore the wholesale price set by Hubventory and follow the original retail price set on its platform.

For example:

If the retail price set in Shopify is $100 and a 50% discount is applied during integration with Hubventory to determine the wholesale price, Shopify will still use the original retail price when an order is marked complete in Hubventory. Therefore, Shopify will calculate the order using the $100 retail price, regardless of the wholesale price set in Hubventory.

Order Creation Error In Shopify

We are receiving an increasing number of reports about Shopify orders not being created even after customers complete the order process in Hubventory. Our developers are dedicated to finding the best possible solution to improve our service to brands.

To address this issue, the developers have implemented a solution to ensure that Shopify orders are created regardless of the quantity available in their inventory. Even if their Shopify inventory is less than the quantity for the Hubventory order, the Shopify order will still be created, and their Shopify inventory will be reduced accordingly.