To know how to edit "Variants" you may visit : Edit Product > Variants > Variants

The OPTIONS section of the Variants Tab is the best way to set up variants for different colors, sizes, or any other type of option that may apply to a product.

1. Track Inventory: Enable track inventory by checking the box. Once the count reaches zero or as soon as the count is not enough to supply the minimum quantity of a pre-pack or the case quantity, the SKU or the product will show as sold-out.

2. Color: Color variation of the same product.

3. Size: The sizes of the product. It may come per piece or per pack sizing. You may use our official sizes inside the Hubventory CSV template. Found under the Products > Import from CSV > Download the Official Template (click this link) > then proceed to the Valid Option tab > column H is the list of all official sizes. And for custom sizing, move to # 4.

4. Add Size: Custom sizes are added here. 

Tip: We recommend adding your customized sizes first before uploading your products. 

What is Custom Size?

Custom size is your preferred size that is unavailable in Hubventory’s valid option. 

Here's how you can create your Custom Sizes:

Go to "Settings"

Click on "Sizes" look for the 'Custom Sizes" section and Click "Add new size"

You will have the option to put the following detail

  • Group - This is where you will put the Category of your product ex: Women > Clothing (Not Required)

  • Size - This is where you will put your desired size ex: 2S/2M/1L/1XL

  • Quantity - This is the total amount of pieces that a full or pre-pack should contain.

  • Plus size: tick the box if it applies. 

Lastly, click “Submit”

Make sure that what you have added to your account’s “Custom size” option is the same as in your CSV file.

Adding a tutorial video on how to add a size or color to an existing SKU.

5. Custom Option Name: When there is a variation other than one of size or color, this is the name of the variant that should be used. For instance, consider aroma, flavor, or any other type of option that would be appropriate for the product.

**Also, keep in mind that Option Name is required once Option Value has been utilized; otherwise, you won't be able to save your progress.

6. Custom Option Value: The value of a given variety. Take vanilla, lemon, fruity, etc., as examples of scents.