Brands must own the rights to all images used on Hubventory. (This includes both product and cover images.) No text or watermarks appear on featured product images. 

There are three types of pictures that we want to highlight here. And these are your logo, cover image, and product images.

Let's start with your logo, for we believe that good branding starts with your logo. It is the retailer's first impression of your brand, so it's essential to have an eye-catching logo that gets retailers excited to browse your shop! 

Here is the size requirement: 

• Your logo should be square.

• The optimal size is 800 x 800 pixels, preferably with no background color.

Next is your cover image, featured at the top of your brand's shop page. Your cover image helps set the tone for your shop page. Use a photo that represents your brand's best-selling category and overall aesthetic. Cover images that feature several products in one photo or display the product(s) in use are better than single product shots.

Cover Image Requirements:
Cover photos must be high-resolution (minimum 2880 x 600 pixels)
• No logos or text
• No photo collages
• No products with inappropriate language
• No nudity

And lastly, your product image. These images are key! Retailers are looking to buy exciting new products. So use multiple high-quality, high-resolution pictures with a clean background to make your product stand out. Upload at least two professional photos.

Image Requirements:
• High-resolution: at least 1280 x 1600 pixels
• Image Shape: vertical rectangle in 4/5 ratio, e.g. 1280 pixels wide by 1600 pixels tall
• Simple Background: the focus should be on the product

Here is the link to view the correct pictures to use: