You have two options to add your Product's Inventory Level. It is recommended but not required since it is a great way to track your inventory automatically.

The first one is using our CSV template, and the second is on our website if you are manually adding your products.

Here are the steps for the CSV template:
1. On our website, go to your Dashboard.
2. Click on Products.
3. Click on Import CSV.
4. Click on "Download Official Template"
5. Open the file.
6. Fill up all the information on the required fields.
7. You can add it to the Inventory Count column.

Here are the steps on how to add to the website:
1. On your Dashboard, go to Products.
2. Select Add New Products.
3. Look for the Variants tab
4. Under the Variants field, locate the Inventory Level
5. Save Changes.

Track Inventory feature will set the SKU or product from PUBLISH to DRAFT once the count is zero (0). Although there are challenges if you sell the same product on other platforms, you need to keep the inventory count active.