The Boutique Hub annual membership fee
To sell on Hubventory, a brand must be a member of The Boutique Hub, which has an annual membership fee of $588. It ensures that you are ready to grow, that you can provide excellent customer service, and that you have been vetted by our team for buyers. It also provides you with access to our entire community, wholesale education, and other membership benefits! For more information, click this link to get routed to the Commonly Asked Questions section:

Stripe charges: Stripe processing fee & commission fee
With every successful transaction, there is a charge of 2.9% plus 30 cents of the total amount. And Hubventory's commission fee of 5% is applied to the total order amount or after the discounted amount, not including the shipping fee. To clarify, the commission fee is also called the application fee on Stripe.

Example Given:

Total order amount with shipping fee - $215

Shipping fee - $15

Please check the sample calculation below:

1. Stripe processing fee: 2.9% + 30 cents 

Total order amount with shipping fee: $215 * 2.9% + 30 cents = $6.54 

2. Hubventory's commission fee of 5% 

Total order amount without shipping fee: $200 * 5% = $10

Total charges: $6.54 + $10 = $16.54

Computation: $215 - $16.54 = $198.46 (Take home pay)

When Retailers pay off their orders, there's no need to wait or pay more for faster payouts. The funds go directly to your Stripe account, giving you a hold of your money in real time when you earn it! 

Can I change my bank info?

Currently, Hubventory only uses Stripe to process the payments inside the platform. You can update your information any time through your Stripe Account. All the deposits from orders will be released, processed, and deposited directly in this account connected through Stripe for easy access. 

You can also upload your top 50 customers for a 0% commission (stripe fee still applies).
As an "incentive" for uploading your top 50 buyers, Hubventory gives a 0% commission fee on those sales. Keep in mind that you may only edit your list once a year, and your top 50 retailers should be in Hubventory. The stripe fees still applies.

Here's how you can upload your "Top 50 Customers"

1. Go to the "Customers" tab.

2. Click the "Top Customers" option.

3. Look for the "Top Customers import template"

4. In the CSV file, put the Retailer's name and Billing Email.

5. Once done putting the Retailer's name and Billing Email, click the "Upload Top Customers CSV" and upload the file.