At Hubventory, we believe that "features'' and "popularity" should be based on data rather than just financial resources. We are dedicated to helping brands generate significant traffic and increase sales through the following four methods:

  1. Curated Collections and Featured Boards: We showcase brands' products on our homepage through thoughtfully themed collections and featured boards. This prime placement ensures maximum visibility for your brand.

  1. Hubventory Highlights: Take advantage of the opportunity to have your brand featured in the Hubventory Highlight, an exclusive showcase that enhances brand recognition and boosts potential sales. Access it here: Link to Hubventory Highlight. Your brand will gain exposure across our extensive HV social media channels.

  1. Prioritized Brand Following: Allow boutiques to "follow" your brand, giving them a personalized product feed where your products appear first. This feature increases the likelihood of conversion as your brand remains top of mind for interested buyers.

  1. Direct Messaging and Communication: Engage directly with your followers through our messaging system. Utilize this feature to inform your followers about market appearances, exclusive discounts, and new product releases, establishing stronger connections and driving sales.

For more detailed information on boosting your brand's exposure and sales, we recommend referring to "The 100 Sales Guide," available at this link: The 100 Sales Guide. Our dedicated Hubventory team selects featured brands and products based on real buyer-driven metrics such as traffic, engagement, and sales.

Maximize Your Reach with Hubventory's Advertising Opportunities:

Advertising on Hubventory provides an exceptional platform to reach a wider audience. Take advantage of our limited-time offer where ads run for ONE week (Sunday to Saturday) on the Hubventory homepage, Buyer homepage, all weekly emails, and the Hubventory Blog. Please note that while these ad placements are currently free, they will transition into a "pay to play" model in the future, so act now to benefit from this opportunity.

Recommended Ad Dimensions:

  • Desktop: 2840 pixels x 352 pixels

  • Mobile: 764 pixels x 636 pixels

Ensure the success of your ad by including the following important information:

  • Brand Name

  • Special offerings (e.g., plus size, open packaging, free shipping, Hub Member Discount)

Submit your advertisement using this form: Advertisement Submission Form. Once submitted, our team will schedule your ad placement and provide you with the relevant dates for your reference.

Tips for Achieving Success:

Upload Your Latest Products: Keep your brand profile up to date by regularly adding your latest and greatest products to the platform. This ensures that buyers always have access to your freshest offerings.

Live Selling Opportunities: Sign up for live selling sessions in our Facebook group. Engage with potential customers directly and showcase your products. Join the Facebook group here: Live Selling Facebook Group.

Posts in the group: Let our Boutique Hub community know who you are and what makes your products special, and encourage them to shop with you.

  • Your team should create video content for posts in the Hub group and share it regularly. These posts should include the unique selling propositions of your brand and highlight where they can shop with you—tradeshows, Hubventory, etc. (Use this group for those posts.)

Social Media Shares: To connect with our social media team and to share content for features, please email assets and content to Follow our IG account and tag your social media posts for a chance to appear on our feed: @hubventory. Helpful hashtags for your posts include: #hubventory.

Engage with the Hub Community: Introduce your brand and highlight its unique selling propositions to the Boutique Hub community. Encourage members to shop with you by emphasizing the exceptional qualities of your products. Utilize video content regularly, showcasing your brand's strengths and providing information on where customers can find your products (e.g., tradeshows, Hubventory). Share these posts in our designated group: Boutique Brands and Vendors Facebook Group