We understand that brands go through rough patches. However, if you are still an active member of the Boutique Hub, we strongly advise you not to delete or deactivate your profile. We strongly advise switching your account to "Profile Only" instead. By doing this, retailers will be able to see your brand in our wholesale directory and find you at the most recent trade shows. The updated trade show information you provide on your profile will be used by our team for the Must See List. Customers will still be able to see your profile, but your products will be hidden. They will also be able to follow your brand (which will be useful when you return) and contact you via HV Messenger. This is also very helpful, as if you decide to return to business, we can switch your account back to active.

Please be aware that the profile-only status is applicable while your Boutique Hub membership is still active. When your membership is suspended, your Hubventory profile will be disabled immediately.

Here's how "Profile Only" looks like